Karolina Jonc Buczek is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer based in South London. In her practice, she mostly works with themes of body positivity, mental health or visual commentary on current social and political situations. As a graphic designer, she excels in providing marketing content, with beer & hospitality industry experience. 
Having a good experience with Adobe Creative Suite and Procreate, Karolina's artwork is mostly produced digitally. She has created various media in her career, from vector illustrations to marketing assets and printed goods. Still, having her background in fine art education, she is also skilled in traditional media such as drawing, painting and sculpting. She recently started animating and creating motion graphics such as GIFs.  
Karolina is passionate about promoting different body types, women empowerment and feminist agenda, and raising awareness of mental health issues through her personal experiences. She works with bright colours and bold shapes, often using humour and cultural references in her illustrations and graphic design.
Karolina’s aesthetic is inspired by 90’s/00’s cartoons, pop culture and mainstream fantasy.
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