Karolina Jonc Buczek
Hello, my name is Karolina but everybody calls me Jonc, and I am an illustrator who left her heart in Poland and sold her soul to the London City.

Starting off with a background in fine art during my teenage years, through the education (a graduate of BA Illustration Camberwell College of Arts) and continuous self-development I managed to become an illustrator of many styles, using a variety of techniques and media (from traditional to digital and beyond) and an experience in graphic design too. 
I find inspirations in objects, situations and trends usually considered as tacky, cheesy, lacking good taste, popular and bizarre. I like to distil the greyness of everyday reality into colourful essence, giving it the importance I believe it deserves. I like to work with themes of body positivity, mental health and Polish culture, being also a member of Poles Connect, a South London based Polish community association. I love illustrating plus-size women and therefore empower the stigmatised body image, Polish absurdities and my own journey through depression and anxiety

I am a massive fan of Eurovision Song Contest, I have a particular interest in the drag queen cultural niche and the history of USSR, with the book dedicated to the Soviet Space Dogs being my all time favourite piece of literature.
I am proudly left-handed.